Manure pit

Bacteria as additives in manure pits.


- Easier to agitate the manure well

- The well stays agitated longer

- Easier and faster to pump manure

- You should be able to run a few m3 more manure per hour with the manure spreding equipment, as the manure flows more easily and faster in the hoses and less blockages in the Equipment and hoses

Bacteria in manure

Oxyg's highly concentrated bacterial mix of aerobic bacteria makes the manure more fluid, greatly reduces odor in stables in all types of manure and improves the economy that exists around manure handling

By adding 8 different Bacillus bacteria to the manure, the bacteria change the microbial process in the decomposition which results in a gradual reduction of odor by the bacteria's enzymes neutralizing the odor. Straw, grass and sawdust are broken down and make the liquid manure more watery and easily pumped. In the decomposition process, the odor must be reduced by 80% or more.

With bacteria, the manure becomes a bit like a biogas manure, the bacteria help to make the nutrients in the manure more easily accessible to be absorbed more quickly by the plant and there with less nutrient losses.

The bacteria can also be growth-stimulating if the microorganisms become the biofilm on the roots that improves the uptake and utilization of nutrients, improves abiotic stress tolerance, and improves the quality of the crop. Goes under the concept of biostimulation

The enzymes from the bacteria used in the decomposition of ham, grass and sawdust in the manure well react with water to form extra ammonium nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen, all according to the Nitrogen Cycle.

The temperature in the manure is important for the activity of the bacteria. At and below 5 degrees Celsius in the water in the manure well, the microbial activity stops considerably. Therefore, it is important that the dosing takes place via the stable's manure chute.

Bacteria as additives in manure pits. Advantages: - A more easily flowing fertilizer - Easier to stir up the manure well - The well stays agitated longer - Easier to pump manure to barrel

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