Horse manure

Improve the quality of horse manure

Bacillus improves decomposition and composting by adding compost bacteria to the horse manure. Straw and sawwdust are complicated to degrade to get a good compost ut of

Horse manure in containers:

Add OxyG Agri regularly during muck out in the wheelbarrow.  

For example can a 20 foot containers emptying interval be reduced a lot during a year. 3-4 horses per 20f container, a maximum for the decompose process to have time to work in a container compost. If you notice that the composting process stops, it is usually because the container is too dry due to the compost heat or periods without rain. The easiest way is to water the container with a water hose about 200-300 liters at a time.

Horse manure on manure plad: as above recommedations

Add OxyG Agri regularly when mowing in the stable

Dosing: 1-1,5 kg for 3-4 horses during one year.

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