Liftstation/ LPS system

Common problems that OxyG Drain can solve:

- Odor problems

- Prevents grease problems in pump wells

- Prevents grease buildup in pipelines

For best results, OxyG Drain at evening/ night when water flow is reduced to a minimum. Apply directly to sink drains, floor drains, toilet

Common problems with liftstation are that grease sticks to the level sensors, which means that there can be operational disturbances.

The fat/ grease also settles as a floating lid over the water that builds up over time. This causes problems with maintenance and operation. This is easy to fix by using bacteria that break down fat.


Houses with liftstations for municipal sewers, dosing one to two measures a month for an ordinary family property, the dosing increases depending on how many households are connected to the pump well. Dosing can be done in the sink, shower or toilet

Houses that dose the drain with OxyG Drain to septic tank, do not need to dose extra for the Liftstation.

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