OxyG Drain can help solve these problems:

- Sludge or grease escape

- Odor problems

- Reduced stops in infiltrations or leach field

- Get balance in the bacterial flora and improved degradation of the wastewater

Do you stop the infiltration or does it flow slowly?

There are a few different reasons why an infiltration clogs, sludge or grease escape is most common, but also sludge emptying where you rewind the reject water "gray water" back into the sludge separator.

In the case of sludge or grease escape, this means that the size of the sludge separator is usually too small, even if the size of the sludge separator follows the recommendations. The wastewater you produce needs more time to separate sludge and grease in the sludge separator.

There are really only two ways to solve the problem.

- Install a larger sludge separator (especially relevant when a new sludge separator is built)

- Increase the rate of decomposition in the sludge separator of the organic material with the help of bacteria, which will provide a cleaner wastewater out of the sludge separator

If the sewage system has sludge or grease escape, it is most easily seen in the distribution well or in the last chamber in a three-chamber well / sludge separator

OxyG´'s bacteria increase the rate of degradation and purify the wastewater in the sludge separator, but the bacteria also follow into the wastewater into the infiltration where they get stuck on grease and sludge that clogs the pores on pipes or the soil bed. Once the bacteria are attached to the grease and sludge particles, decomposition begins and the infiltration slowly begins to open up.

If it is the sludge emptying truck that is the cause of clogged infiltration, then you see after emptying in the sludge separator or distribution well that there is a lot of faeces left in the sludge separator and distribution well. It is not uncommon for several infiltrations to clog at the same time in a municipality if it is a truck that is incorrectly set. The municipalities do not have a control program until the drainage system has been emptied.

When stopping or when infiltrating very slowly, start by high-pressure flushing the infiltration tubes so that organic material comes loose and is flushed out. This allows the bacteria to start working directly on the sludge and grease that stops the water.

This biological process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on the amount of fat and sludge present in the infiltration

Dosing takes place in sludge separators via the toilet, or the kitchen sink. If you have a gray water system, drain, dose via a water lock in the kitchen or shower as an example.

Boosting of infiltration / leach field can be done in the last chamber in the sludge separator or in the distribution well. In most cases, it should be effectiv to dose the sludge separator as above via the toilet and let the bacteria follow the wastewater out in the leachfield

Dosage: 4 Measures / adult / month

Grease in pipe

Degration started

Pipe is clean

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