Hydrocarbon degrading bacteria for hydrocarbon separators

Hydrocarbon degrading bacteria that reduce oil and petroleum products in a hydrocarbon water separator.

- Removes bad odor in and around a Carwash and hydrocarbon separators

Area of use:

Car washes, hydrocarbon separators, flush channels, Sludge separators

- Removes bad odor in recirculation water, hydrocarbon separator, flush channels

- Reduces sludge

- Reduces Hydrocarbons

Odorless washing water

- Decreases the BOD / COD value

-Improves the BOD / COD ratio.

In an aerobic (oxygen) degrade process, bacteria degrade oil, hydrocarbons, sludge, organic matter into carbon dioxide + water, this is how the biological process reduces hydrocarbons and sludge in the sewage system. Bad smell/ odor is common in and around an hydrocarbon separator by having a aerobic process in the hydrocarbon separator. An aerobic degradeing process cannot create a bad odor.

Hydrogen sulphide:

Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) is a toxic gas and is what makes it smell "sewage"

Hydrogen sulphide is also a very corrosive gas, which causes metal concrete and electronics to corrode

Hydrogen sulphide is formed in an anaerobic decomposition process (low in oxygen), by using OxyG CARWASH it becomes an aerobic process (rich in oxygen)

Dosing takes place in a flush channel or sludge separator

Total  tank volume of  15 m3 400 grams / week

Total tank volume of 15-20 m3 600 grams / week

Total tank volume 20-40 m3 800 grams / week.

Flush channels:

If only few vehicles are washed dosage a week could be 50-100 grams a week in the or in flush channels 50-100 grams / week

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