Odor elimination or reduktion

Odor reduction of manure

Already after 2-3 weeks after dosing in a manure pit, you start to have a good effect on the odor reduction when applying manure in the field.

Odore reduction in all typs of manure:

- Dairy

- Hogs

- Broiler, layers  

Odor reduction in stables:

Regular dosing in stables where you have problems with ammonia or hydrogen sulfide, will remove or heavily reduce ammonia problem.

Dosing points of the bacteria can be the outlet or the through the slatted floor.

Horse box: one measure cup per horse box for ammonia odor problems.

Dosage recommendation for manure or slurry

Dosage is calculated on the annual amount of manure.

Normal liquefied manure solids is 1kg per 1000m3

Increase the dose 50% for thick manure.

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