Waste Water Treatment Plants

• Digests all Fats, Oils, Greases and organic wastes 

• Neutralises all bad smells 

• Digests organic sludge 

• Aids gas exchange in the secondary 

• Reduces the need for aerators & skimmers 

• Reduces corrosive gases & fluids 

• Costs savings in energy/chemical

Do you have any of these problems in your treatment plant?

- Poor function?

- Odore problems?

- Sludge escape?

- Foam problems?

- Grease or fat?

Problems in the mini treatment plant can be due to a few different things, but a common problem is that you get sludge or grease escape from the sludge separator because a wastewater is produced that does not match the wastewater template "cut" for which the sewage system is built.

In the case of sludge or grease escape, this means that the size of the sludge separator is usually too small, even if the size of the sludge separator follows the recommendations. The wastewater you produce needs more time to separate sludge and grease in the sludge separator.

In case of foam problems, it is because there are too many fat molecules in the wastewater. Grease escape from sludge separators has taken place. You should be able to see with your own eyes that there is grease or lumps of fat in the mini treatment plant.

A problem with too greasy wastewater is that the flocculant, to capture phosphorus, does not work so well. Grease wastewater and flocculants do not work well together.

There are really only two ways to solve the problem.

- Install a larger sludge separator (especially relevant when a new sludge separator is built)

- Increase the rate of decomposition in the sludge separator of the organic material with the help of bacteria, which will provide a cleaner wastewater out of the sludge separator

By adding OxyG DRAIN to the sewage system, you can control the biological process by adding selected natural bacteria, creating a fast and efficient bacterial flora that quickly breaks down sludge and fat, which usually disrupts your treatment plant.

Bad odor usually disappears in a few days depending on how much sludge and fat there is in the system.

Sludge, grease and toilet paper will break down in the sludge separator and disappear into the air in the form of carbon dioxide. The residues are converted to water. This is a natural law, an aerobic decomposition process

The foam problems will disappear when the grease/ fat in the wastewater disappears. This is because bacteria break down the fat in the wastewater.

Dosage: 4 measures / adult / month

This process will take 1-3 months depending on the amount of sludge and fat when you start dosing.

1st month you will not notice any direct difference except that the smell disappears.

For questions about the product, call or email us at OxyG

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